McGregor Nearing Final Scene In Scarface Phase


AS PARANOIA sets in from years of overindulgence while quickly falling down the rabbit hole, former sports icon and now full-time hate monger Conor McGregor is believed to be at the ‘final scene of Scarface’ phase of his life, experts have confirmed.

Realising his fanbase can be broadened and collective IQ reduced by spouting outrage about migrants online, McGregor stared at his X feed like it was Tony Montana’s security cameras as torrents of critics closed in and flooded his phone screen.

“You wanna play rough, okay, this is war,” the once admired fighter exclaimed, unaware of how similar his own life is to the 1983 classic where a man from a disadvantaged background goes from rags to riches in the land of the free, “the world is mine and everything in it,” he added incorrectly, presuming money equals respect as fan-boy yes-men egged him further to his inevitable final chapter.

“Say hello to my little politically motivated friend,” the now worse-for-wear looking 35-year-old shouted, brandishing a list of far right dog whistles, well known to be the last port of call for once successful people when all respect has evaporated, “Ireland for the Irish!” he roared from the comfort of his multi-million dollar Las Vegas home, an income tax-free state far from the one he left behind, but continues to rile.

“You’ll do nothin’,” a defiant McGregor said, as reality encircled him ahead of his demise.