Chaos Of Last Week Just One Opinion Piece Away From Being Solved


NEWSPAPER columnists have answered Ireland’s Call and responded to pleas from the Irish public to step up and write more opinion pieces on recent events in a bid to permanently solve issues bubbling under the surface.

WWN’s resident opinion columnist Anne Trope is one such columnist who has all the answers and isn’t afraid to share them much to the relief of everyone desperate for an easy catch-all solution:

“Could I be the one imbued with the unique qualities to diagnose the problem and prescribe the solutions from my recently renovated study in the leafy affluent suburb which I rarely venture out of and certainly never to go to the city centre?

My inherent humbleness makes it hard for me to admit it but I am the one true voice of the people and all public policy should flow and form through my exceptional mind before making its way to the law makers of the day.

You will recall in my piece from August ‘Far Right? There’s No Such Thing, Just Overreaction & Hissy Fits From Woke Snowflakes’ I warned of the threat posed by anti-immigrant protesters who embraced the same ideology as the far right.

I shouted it from the rooftops but no one would listen. Far too often people look to community workers and experts in relevant fields for answers when my weekly column is free to read right here.

And in yesterday’s column ‘Facial Recognition Tech Now, Why Young Inner City Thugs Should Be Rounded Up & Put In Long Kesh Regardless Of Supposed Innocence’ I argued for a sober, calm assessment of the complex and varying factors which lead to a number of young people in Dublin turning to civil disobedience.

You only need to read my columns ‘Hate Speech Laws Are The Wet Dream Of Meddling Multicultural NGOs’ and ‘Last Thursday Proved What I’ve Been Saying For Months; Hate Speech Laws Can’t Come Quick Enough’ to see I have been consistent in my calls for action.

The baying mob we witnessed last week made me think of the close friends I have that come from a variety of diverse backgrounds and how they must have felt. From my Ukrainian lady cleaner, to the I want to say Middle Easterny guy who owns the coffee shop around the corner and my daughter’s uppity black friend I don’t like for some reason, they must now feel Dublin city is a dangerous place for them and it shames me.

This is what I touched upon on radio recently when I called for the deportation of people who were exploiting loopholes called ‘recognised laws’ by fleeing perfectly safe countries I would never visit because I don’t have a death wish.

I regret that those in public and on social media can’t seem to maintain a consistent opinion like I have in recent years.