Man Might Have To Postpone Wedding If It Clashes With GTA VI Release Date


THE EERIE creeping tension is building in the home of Donal Shandon as the excitement around a possible GTA6 release date reaches fever pitch.

“My mates will understand, it’s not them I’m worried about,” Shandon explained, as he accepted the regrettable reality that he would not be capable of going through with his wedding if the date clashed with a GTA6 release day.

“We’d lose our deposit, but what we lose in money I gain in playing hours of the new GTA so it’s not all bad,” reasoned Shandon who had yet to broach the subject with his fiancé Niamh Carroll.

The mere mention of a trailer for the new game ‘dropping’ in December prompted Shandon to remind his employer of a new extension to the number of sick days workers can take in a year.

“Best plant the seeds now. Maybe Niamh would be alright with the wedding going ahead in the game instead! We could invite guests to log on and it would be a fairly cheap day out to have the whole wedding done through GTA VI online,” suggested the soon-to-be single 32-year-old.