BREAKING: Petrol Station Customer Walks Straight Back Through Entire Queue


DESPITE an obvious queuing lane system in place to prevent awkward and annoying confrontations with his fellow queuing customers, Matt Peterson is just going to walk straight back through the queue like it’s no one’s business.

Forcing everybody waiting in the line behind him to break formation, Peterson rudely marched back through the maze of low-lying sweet shelves aimed at children accompanying their parents.

“Fuck’s sake, I had to move two feet to my right which was a real inconvenience now I think about it,” said one distraught witness, kicking themselves for not standing their ground.

“There’s an obvious exit lane to the right of the till that he should have taken, but no, the inconsiderate prick barges back through us all like human skittles, now everyone’s put out by his poorly made decision,” a fellow queue member pointed out, giving Peterson that face you would if someone shot your dog.

Unaware of the tension he caused, it is understood the son of two also didn’t bother his hole to hold the door open for another customer twenty feet from entering the store.

“I had to open the door all by myself – he could have waited the 30 seconds it took for me to get there,” the victim stated, “hopefully the rotten bastard will crash into a telephone pole or something, karma will catch up with him”.

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