Idiot Kid Crying Over Dropped Ice-Cream No Idea About 40 Ongoing World Conflicts


SOME idiot kid is reportedly crying over a spilled 99 ice-cream on the ground, despite dozens of ongoing world conflicts currently taking place, WWN can confirm.

Darren Reilly, 4, is said to have begun wailing like a little baby outside Molly’s ice-cream parlour in Waterford City, forcing witnesses to slam the child’s behaviour as being selfish, and totally tone deaf.

“I’d love to see what he’d do if his entire family was blown into pieces; their body parts draping across the debris that what was once his 3-bedroom semi,” offered eyewitness Tony Kent, who admitted to wanting to punch the little shit right in the face, “the little inconsiderate arsehole probably wants another ice-cream now, while there’s children in Palestine left licking the tears off their own dust caked faces”.

Reilly’s cries were also later chastised by experts in ongoing world conflicts, with many pointing out there are currently over 40 wars taking place across the planet right now.

“I blame the parents for not sitting the brat down in front of Live Leak and showing them all the brutality and violence being uploaded from conflicts,” one expert gave. “I can guarantee you that if they bothered to press play on some ISIS beheading and torture videos, he’d wouldn’t be too long whinging like a little bitch over nothing”.

Unaware of the criticism, mother of the child Donna Reilly apparently went back into the parlour to buy her little precious a tub of ice cream with sprinkles instead, leaving many observers disgusted with her lack of empathy towards victims of war.

“People like her make me sick,” another expert concluded, “sometimes I wish we were at war here so that people like that would open their eyes and face the grim reality we’re all in”.

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