Public Reminded To Only Trust Random Social Media Accounts For Factual Information On Israel/Hamas Conflict


TO AVOID unnecessary use of commonsense and critical thinking, the public has today been reminded to seek out random social media accounts in the search for accurate information.

“If you feel like NuttyCatPics27 isn’t random enough of a social media account, don’t worry a friend will be along to send a video from an account called خيالي or RyanReynoldsFeetFanClub and from there just blindly believe everything,” experts urged as they sought to help people gain a greater understanding of an unfolding crisis.

Social media users have also been told to just go ahead and implicitly trust screenshots that carry the logo of a legitimate news outlet even if the headline reads ‘Swifties Infiltrate Hezbollah, Behead Leadership Before Screaming Taylor Swift Akbar’.

“Do not, and we repeat do not accept that the seconds directly after an alleged attack/explosion/invasion/shooting might not be when a full accurate picture of events can be discerned. Just jump on social media, believe the first disturbing and emotive thing you see, and then jump in comment sections to stir shit up. These are the foundations on which we can build peace in the 21st century,” added another expert, annoyed by imbeciles that choose to wait for further information on things.

“And when you read ‘Hamas claims’ or ‘IDF claims’ immediately do that thing in your brain where you label a media outlet ‘liars’ for informing you that they are merely reporting on the fact an entity has given their side of the story or version of events,” they concluded, happy that WhatsApp groups everywhere were receiving at least a dozen ‘dunno if real but looks legit’ videos every 30 seconds.

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