Ireland, According To Senator Sharon Keogan


BEFORE becoming Ireland’s chief WhatsApp-bullshit-rumour-forwarder/brave teller of truths she read on some random Facebook page, Senator Sharon Keogan was perhaps most well known for suggesting a debate should be held on micro-chipping disabled children following the death of Nóra Quoirin in Malaysia.

But now after claiming illegal immigrants are being handed brand new houses within hours of arriving in Ireland all because she read it somewhere on Facebook, Keogan will henceforth be known as Mother Éire.

However, there’s more to know about Ireland, as thanks to Keogan’s astute research, fact-checking and data gathering (which involves switching off your brain and believing everything you read) we now know this is Ireland:

You have been replaced by a family of immigrants. I know you think you’re here but you’re not, it’s an illusion created by George Soros funded NGOs, sorry.

Dispute it all you like, someone posted it on Facebook so it’s true. Look in the mirror, you’re no longer white Irish you’re a Nigerian warlord who is being paid €52 million a second to claim the dole for an NGO.

Think you’re straight? Wrong again, everyone is gay now thanks to our real masters in Ireland; the LGBTQ+ community. You say you’re a straight man, but quickly look over at your wife, see, she’s not even there anymore she’s been replaced by a boxset of The Birdcage.

Sharon tried to warn you but you wouldn’t listen.

UPDATE: We regret to inform you that WWN has to withdraw our earlier endorsement of Sharon Keogan after finding the following factual accusations on a Facebook page. If It’s on Facebook, it’s true, they’re the rules: