Huge Boost As 1% Of Principals Say They Have Confidence In Norma Foley


THE SOUND of champagne corks could be heard popping in the office of Minister for Education Norma Foley as she and her team celebrated a huge and surprising increase in popular within the teaching profession.

Foley’s handling of the staffing crisis has seen support among schools principals jump to a whopping 1% in a survey conducted by the Teaching Union of Ireland with the same survey finding 64% of 104 schools surveyed had unfilled vacancies.

“At the end of the day when you get good news like you should celebrate it,” said one adviser to Minister Foley, still riding high from solving the current staffing crisis by banning phones in schools.

“We could even hit 2% once they hear about our plans to keep offering part-time, non-permanent positions to new teachers. Not to brag, but this education stuff is as easy as A,B,D, one true trees”.

With at least one classroom holding a ‘goodbye Ms O’Neill, enjoy decent pay and working conditions abroad’ party every six minutes for an emigrating teacher, the majority of secondary schools will be solely staffed by that one grumpy teacher, a year from retirement, who takes eight smoke breaks per class.

Foley is currently at 98% approval among students who are celebrating the fact a drop in homework could result from 18% of schools being forced to drop the teaching of certain subjects due to a lack of staff.