Israeli Army Release X-Rays Proving Hamas Hiding Inside Palestinian Children


“SEE? We told you they were hiding inside children all this time but you wouldn’t believe us, now here’s the proof!” an IDF spokeskiller told the international media today after unveiling a series of x-rays found during a raid at a Palestinian hospital.

Publishing the pictures online for the world to see, a fully armoured Hamas terrorist brandishing an AK-47 can be seen hiding out in a small child’s chest cavity, presumably waiting to pounce at any moment on unsuspecting Israelis dozens of kilometres away behind the safety of a sophisticated Iron Dome defence system.

“It’s not just children either; entire Hamas cells have been hiding out in elderly men and women too, giving us no other choice now but to obliterate them for harbouring terrorists,” the IDF added, “we’ll try just to kill the terrorists inside the children, but we can’t make any promises in saving their lives”.

With the Gaza death toll currently nearing 12,000 the IDF estimates at least twice that number of Hamas terrorists have also been killed while hiding deep inside so-called innocent civilians.

“We believe that a lot of the Hamas terrorists may have also escaped the bodies of the children we’ve already killed and found new Palestinian hosts to hide in,” the IDF continued, “we’ll just have to keep targeting these little flesh shields until they’re all gone”.