Couple Who Don’t Want Kids To Break It To Them Tonight


“WE’RE always being asked about it. A day doesn’t go by when someone doesn’t pressure us, but kids are not for us. We’re happy with our lifestyle and the money it will save us,” confirmed local couple Michael and Fionnuala Harrington.

More and more couples in their family starting years are reporting their reluctance to have children owing to the cost of childcare, inability to get on the property ladder and general cost of living, with the Harringtons being no different.

“Don’t get us wrong, David our youngest at 8 will take it the hardest I’d say,” Fionnuala explained, relieved that her disposable income will be freed up now the decision has been made not to have kids.

“Ciara will be a harder sell on this,” Michael admitted of their 17-year-old daughter, “but look, people are always judging couples who say they don’t want kids but it’s time they started honestly listening and accepting it’s just not something we want”.

Preemptively reaching out to friends and family, the couple explained their decision, but insisted they did intend to entertain well-meaning comments like ‘well, you say that now’, ‘you’re still young; things change’, ‘what do you mean you don’t want kids, are ya having fertility issues, is it?’ and the old reliable, ‘sure I said the same before I had mine’.

“They don’t mean any harm but the decision is made. Yes, they’ll be in tears but David and Ciara will just have to accept our wishes,” the delighted couple said, packing their childrens’ suitcases.

“Lie ins, restaurants that aren’t McDonalds, spa weekends, a new car, new clothes; it’s all ahead of us now,” the high-fiving couple concluded.