Irish People Give Their Solutions To Reducing Road Fatalities


CALLS continue for authorities to step in and improve the situation on Irish roads amid an uptick in fatal collisions.

WWN took to the streets to hear from the Irish people and garner their opinion on solutions to help reduce road fatalities:

“Clamp down on drink driving, but let lads who are grand driving after a few pints tip on home” – John Tierney, Rural Drivers Association.

“No, no you’re grand I can take a call, the M50 is quiet enough. A survey is it? Yeah go on” – Dave Cartlin, ambulance driver.

“Bring back the Samantha Mumba ad!” – Grace Tallon, advertising executive.

“Dress school kids in clothes made out of airbags, problem solved” – Noreen Hughes, cataract sufferer.

“If I buy a bigger SUV then I’ll survive any collision with an SUV, or a cyclist” – Tara Pontin, SUV driver.

“The public learned through a Freedom of Information request that garda detections of mobile use by drivers were down 40%, stopped for speeding down 30% and drink driving arrests down by 14% compared to 2019 figures, so maybe we should make it harder for people to do Freedom of Information requests?” – Drew Harris, garda commissioner.

“Make everyone do a new driver test every five years. Except me, I’m class at driving” – Cian Breen, driving instructor.

“Just fine Audi drivers the second they buy an Audi, cut out the middle man” – Cristina Sanchez, jealous pedestrian.

“Trying to avoid unnecessary road deaths in any way is just a scam by grieving families to get more money in the coffers of Revenue through fines” – Sean Kingley, disqualified driver.

“Keeping the maximum sentence for careless driving causing death at two years is brilliant, don’t change that” – Greg O’Carolan, speed limit breaker.