Man’s Pledge To Take It Easy This Weekend At Risk After Single ‘Pints?’ Text From Friend


LOCAL man John Finlan’s resolve and discipline faced a huge set back in the last hour after he received a text inquiring to his openness to the prospect of darkening the door of his local.

Finlan had made a solemn pledge to himself that he would ‘take it easy’ which is universally understood to mean swearing off socialising however, since receiving a text from his friend Stephen Cassidy Finlan has tried to argue the phrase means something different.

“Take it easy more means like limit yourself to 3, 4 pints max. Like if you’re home by midnight that’s taking it easy. Just don’t do the dog on it,” Finlan reasoned with himself, little trace remaining of the man who swore blind he would be having a calm uneventful evening in front of the TV.

“And in fairness I haven’t seen Stephen since last weekend, he probably has some big news to share,” added Finlan his mental fortitude acquiring the consistency and sturdiness of toilet paper in a monsoon.

Regaining monmentary clarity which plunged the 29-year-old back to his earlier mindset, Finlan’s fingers bravely hovered over the thumbs down emoji on his phone and even typed the words ‘not around but have a good one, catch ye next week’.

Just as it seemed Finlan’s strength of will had triumphed, a new WhatsApp message from Phil Kelly appeared on his phone’s screen declaring ‘Stephen’s been onto me about pints, up for a mad one?’ rendering Finlan incapable of pressing send on his attempt to decline the offer of pints.