Everything We Know About ‘White Lotus: Tramore’


FANS of the hit HBO drama series White Lotus have been taken aback by the news that the next season of the hotel resort mystery will be set not in the Bahamas or the Maldives, but in the seaside town of Tramore, Co. Waterford.

But relax! We’ve had a sneak peak at production and we can confirm that everything you love about White Lotus will make the leap to the sometimes-sunny shores of the south of Ireland. Speaking of which:


Mike White and his production crew have clearly done their homework when it comes to an Irish holiday, and have wisely ditched the sun-drenched aesthetics of season 1 and 2. Every script page we read started with ‘we open on the absolute pissings of rain’, meaning the film crew don’t have to wait around for Ireland’s 75 minutes of dry weather per day.


White Lotus has boasted a who’s who of talent over its 13 episodes so far, and it appears that season 3 is no different. Apart from the bulk of the Irish cast being made up of Fair City actors, that is.

It seems that attempts to explain to HBO execs that the Dublin accent isn’t that common in Waterford have gone unheeded, with one producer note stating that ‘it’s all Ireland, isn’t it?’ as well as a worrying link to a YouTube clip of Far & Away ‘as reference’.


Both seasons of White Lotus have revolved around a death at a luxury resort, serving as a conduit for some biting satire about privilege, power, politics and sexuality.

[SPOILER ALERT FOR SEASON 3] It appears the new season will feature more wealthy American tourists going to Tramore and if we’re reading it correctly, plays as an allegory about the US military using Shannon as a stop-off point during the post-9/11 days of rendition and torture.

Also there’s a bit where Don Johnson gets into a fight with the lad who works the Waltzers because he span his cart too much despite being asked not to. We’re not sure what that’s a parable for.


Ah yeah, loads of riding in it.

White Lotus: Tramore will stream on dodgyboxes later this year.