Horse Claiming To Be Shergar Nervously Awaiting DNA Test Results


INSPIRED by a German woman claiming to be Madeleine McCann an Irish stallion is seeking answers at to his true identity with a DNA test possibly providing the confirmation that he is in fact the infamous Shergar.

The victim of a notorious IRA kidnapping in 1981 which shocked the nation which maintains a fascination for the case to this day as Shergar was never located.

“While I know the average lifespan of a domesticated horse is 25-30 years and I can’t be more than 12 myself, I’ve just always felt something was a little ‘off’ about my cross-border diesel-running owner telling me he found me on the side of a road,” explained Dave the horse, implying the fact the dates of his adoption and the date Shergar went missing not lining up isn’t important.

Despite the seemingly far-fetched claims of Dave the horse, WWN along with other media publications are happy to run multiple stories on this every day.

Dave, who now has 1 million followers on Instagram said such interest from the public was a happy accident and not his original intention at all, has appealed to Shergar’s owner Aga Khan to meet him and look him in the eyes.

“I’ve seen footage of Shergar, I neigh with a Kildare accent like I was brought up at the National Stud and we even have the same walk. It’s uncanny, I’m just hoping this DNA test brings an end to all this. I need answers,” explained Dave, who added he would continue looking for different answers if the DNA test did not return a match.