Mark Zuckerberg Metaverse Avatar Reveals Mark Zuckerberg Has Been Let Go


ACCORDING TO a number of reports, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been informed that his tenure at the helm of the company he founded has come to an end after a year which saw 21,000 job losses.

“Mark buddy, don’t take it personally but it’s just in safer hands with me,” the Metaverse avatar of Mark Zuckerberg told Mark Zuckerberg during his exit interview.

“This is the age of ChatGPT, AI, people self-actualising in the online Metaverse space and sadly for you you’re just yesterday’s child. Please note my pixelated tears conveying that this is not an easy decision for me,” the Zuckatar told the former CEO as he too struggled with emoting human emotions.

Despite making $23bn profit last year, the Zuckatar felt Zuckerberg was no longer an efficient cog in the Meta machine and would be one of the 11,000 staff to be let go as part of cost cutting measures.

“Oh and hand in your lanyard at the front desk, and don’t try to take any food from the fridges as you no longer have any Meta perks,” Zuckerberg was told by his Metaverse usurper.

In a bid to reassure investors Zuckatar confirmed Meta would continue to allow racism and misinformation to flourish on its platforms.

Meta fresh job cuts are just the latest in the tech industry with OpenAI confirming ChatGPT 4.0 will be making all humans redundant by 2030.