An Post Launches State Of The Art Digital Stamp You Have To Write Onto Envelope With Biro


AFTER spending decades in development and a vast amount of money, An Post has launched a brand new state of the art digital stamp you have to then write on an envelope with a pen, WWN has learned.

“We absolutely love the game wordle, so we basically designed the code to emulate that and create this brand-new sophisticated app for your phone to look at and then just write down on the envelope – it’s really cool,” a developer for the new ‘digital stamp’ explained.

The new digital stamp, pen not included, will cost €2, or 75 cents more than a normal stamp, and will revolutionise the way people post letters across the country.

“Fucking pens not working,” one elderly woman we spoke to praised the new stamp today, “I can’t see the letters – they’re so small. Does anyone have a pen that works and a pair of reading glasses,2 she added, demonstrating the ease and usability of the next generation stamp, “fuck’s sake, can they just leave things alone instead of messing them up all the time”.

Right now, a digital stamp that doesn’t require the use of a pen is decades away but hoped that in the future the technology could someday function on its own somehow.