Russian Diplomats Post Obligatory ‘Airport Pints Before Expulsion’ Pic On Instagram


THE four Russians expelled from Ireland have rubbed their fellow diplomats’ faces in it with shots of them supping pints in the airport before taking off for home, as is customary among the international community.

“Sure has to be done,” joked one of the four, under an Instagram picture of a 9 euro pint of Heineken in the departure lounge of Dublin Airport.

“Carrying out ‘activities that are not in accordance with the international standards of diplomatic behaviour’ is thirsty work, LOL!” wrote another, in reference to the Irish government’s reasoning for banishing the quartet.

Meanwhile, one of the four was not available for pints as he was caught in a three hour queue for security at the airport, causing the other three to break their bollocks laughing at him on the ‘expelled lads’ WhatsApp group.

“C’mon man, you’re missing out on the spy pints. The spynts!” read one message, followed by an image of the crisp golden pints that awaited when he eventually got through the queues.

“Hurry up or we’re dropping Novichok in this, hahaha,” stated another message, followed by nine skull-n-crossbones emojis.

Later in the day, they four now-somewhat merry boys were spotted buying a massive Toblerone for Putin on their way back to Moscow, with debate raging over whether he’d prefer Milka instead.