Fuel Hikes, Refugees, War – Is This The Golden Age Of Complaining For Irish Dads?


SOME experts would argue no period of upheaval can possibly match the Celtic Tiger era crash for being a generator of apoplectic rage with curmudgeonly and discordant bitterness for Irish fathers at an all time peak.

But those same experts that made this assessment couldn’t have predicted a pandemic, inflation, war, refugee crisis and fuel price hike quintuple whammy.

To find out if this is indeed the golden age of complaining, moaning, grousing and arguing, we spoke to the nation’s dads.

“I want to cry every time I pass a petrol station and what have the clowns in Leinster House done? A cut in excise duty? They’re laughing at us,” offered Tom Doland (64), absolutely reveling in the misery.

“I honestly don’t know what to do with all this additional adrenaline I’m generating from being mad as a bull being hung upside down from his bollocks. Don’t forget there was the minimum alcohol pricing too, Jesus wept,” chimed Derek Farrell (57), who was so perpetually outraged by current events he could cry tears of joy.

Recent events have created a confluence of complaining among Irish fathers that simply can’t sustain itself, such is the bountiful harvest of harping on and haranguing anyone within giving out distance.

“Tell them Margaret, didn’t I say this exact would happen, I called it from the start but would anyone listen?” opined Liam Tynan (70), who seemed to suggesting he had predicted all major economic and geopolitical shifts of recent years as well as a global pandemic.

“And they want us to take in how many? And how will we pay for all that – take one wild guess with starts with ‘R’ and ends with ‘iding the hole off the taxpayer'” offered John Cormley (52), “and mother-of-all-that-is-unholy, the inflation, they’d rob the sugar from your tea the bastards”.

“I’ll tell you exactly how you deal with that Putin gobshite, you look him dead in the eyes and you just tell him you’re launching nukes – I’d pay to see his face, wouldn’t be such a big man then.

“Anyway, young people don’t know how good they have it, it’s time they experienced a good war on the front lines just like I didn’t when I was a kid,” added Terry Finley (61), who might still be processing the anger he feels over his grandchild attending an Educate Together school.

“The world can’t go on like this,” shared Brian Warren (66), who prays every night for all world turmoil and uncertainty to carry on as his moaning hasn’t even gotten out of first gear.