Nigerian Prince Just In Awe Of Catriona Carey


AWESTRUCK by the alleged audacity it takes to exploit vulnerable people drowning in debt and trying to save their homes from repossession, one Nigerian Prince has said he is ‘just an amateur’ when compared to Catriona Carey.

Carey, named as an alleged fraudster by RTÉ Prime Time, is accused of perpetrating a scam whereby she claimed she would take over people’s mortgage debt for an upfront fee and charge them a more manageable rate of interest on future repayments, only to disappear with the cash.

“Dear Miss Carey, I am writing to you to tell you I have no millions to offer you, instead could you please teach me everything you know oh masterful Con Queen,” wrote Nigerian Prince Akunna Musa, keen to learn the ropes when it comes to meeting desperate people in serious debt face to face, looking them in the eye and selling them a pack of lies while making off with their last remaining cash.

“I can do it via email that’s easy, but to look someone in the eye and do it, wow, that’s take some complete lack of morals and heart,” continued the prince, who felt completely unworthy of his dodgy reputation now he knows there’s real pros like Carey out there.

“I will also like the use of your lawyer friend who seems to have funneled their desperate clients to you, perhaps in the full knowledge you were going to rob them blind, speedy response please, yours in humble envy and astonishment, Prince Musa” the Prince added before hitting send on an email.

A potential ray of light for victims of Carey, who was handed an 8 month suspended sentence for theft of €6,498 and forging a cheque in 2020, has come in the form of knowing if she was convicted again she wouldd be just 12 more ‘final warnings’ away from actually ending up in jail.