Tonight’s Late Late Line Up Revealed


TONIGHT’S Late Late Show is the usual mix of chat, music and craic!

Adele appears in studio for an exclusive in-person interview with Ryan Tubridy, then performs 10 songs with a 100 piece orchestra. Includes special duets with Beyoncé, Harry Styles and Dolly Parton.

Headline-making Russian leader Vladimir Putin drops by to chat all things Ukraine. The leader talks about how the guiding principle of ‘live, laugh, love’ has been his defining political motivation. He is confronted by an irate Cork fisherman who accuses him of being a ‘deep fried langer’.

Spiderman star Tom Holland takes to the Late Late with co-star and Euphoria actress Zendaya for the world’s first interview about their romantic relationship. Rumour has it he proposes live on air.

Headline guest and main attraction Leo from Fair City talks about the goings on in Carrigstown and how his character ended up starting an OnlyFans account to pay for his NFT addiction.

Intellectual Noam Chomsky is grilled by Tubridy on Manufacturing Consent but more specifically about how much he enjoyed his weekend in Cobh in 1971. A live debate sees Chomsky go head to head with Slavoj Zizek and the ghosts of Bertrand Russell and Michel Foucault.

The Kardashian/Jenners drop in to discuss their lives, specifically only topics that begin with the letter K.

The show ends with a surprise live performance from a newly reformed Oasis.