Politicians On €100k Plus Argue About Who Is More Out Of Touch With Ordinary People


POLITICS nerds and supporters of political parties have been delighting in the trading of insults and barbs as Fianna Fáil leader and Taoiseach Micheál Martin and Sinn Féin leader Mary Lou McDonald accused one another of being out of touch.

“Brilliant, this will really land with voters, so relatable,” experts remarked as two politicians who earn in excess of €100k a year tried to showcase how deaf their opponent was to the struggles of ordinary people.

“Good God, I can’t take my eyes of this carefully packaged social media video devoid of substance and cynically maximising outrage by inviting the public to take sides in the pathetic, self-serving point scoring of politicians. What a win for those citizens with everyday problems and concerns,” added a political commentator.

“You grew up in a posh south Dublin suburb – the privately educated daughter of a businessman and have earned in excess of €100k for over a decade, whereas I am the son of a bus driver and have earned in excess of €100k for a decade plus,” explained the Taoiseach, really getting to the heart of the indignities suffered by Irish people left behind by an uncaring State.

“They sound so sincere, this exchange between two passionate politicians has really given me hope for the future. It’s like they’re speaking directly to me,” added one child stuck in emergency accommodation.

Responding to the negative reaction to their childish bickering and grandstanding, Micheál Martin and Mary Lou McDonald confirmed they would speak further on the matter once speech writers and aides had worded a pithy riposte which had been put through several focus groups.