“I Should Probably Check” Dad Having Lie-in Wondering If Kids Still Alive


AWAKING to a dead Saturday morning silence, dad of two Ger Gleeson pondered if his two darling kids were still sleeping soundly or had indeed passed in the night and now lay lifeless in their rooms.

“Surely Jane would have checked them on her way to work this morning,” Gleeson thought, who was far too comfortable and cosy to get up and check, “I should probably get up and see, but Jesus that floor is freezing and if I wake them up then that’s my whole lie in fucked”.

Holding his own breath now to enhance his hearing, Gleeson became more and more suspicious of his children’s current state of being, panic now gripping him, but still not enough to check.

“I’ll give them another 15 minutes and if I don’t hear a peep, then I’ll definetly get up,” he continued, before getting caught down a Tik Tok hole for the next one hour eighteen minutes.

“Ah fuck, they must be still asleep, they couldn’t be… you know, dead?” he fought with himself, “what if they are and then the gardaí ask me why I didn’t check on them when I woke two hours ago, they’ll think I killed them!” he went on, “okay, I’ll watch one episode of Ozark and then go in”.

Following three episodes in, a loud bang was heard and a cry from the other room.

“Thank fuck for that,” Gleeson exhaled, before shouting through the walls, “stop messing in there, guys, daddy is trying to get some rest”.