Group Of 16 Anonymous Bidders Ready To Purchase Davy Stockbrokers


DAVY STOCKBROKERS decision to sell up has been welcomed by an anonymous group of 16 investors who would like to purchase the controversial firm, WWN Biz can reveal.

After a raft of reputation damaging incidents those behind the firm have been reduced to accepting unseemly and embarrassing punishment in the form of selling their stake in the company for a boat load of cash.

“I believe there is a consortium of 16 well-connected bidders who would jump at the chance to buy such a firm, but the less everyone knows the better, y’know for transparency sake,” confirmed a financial speculator.

“I’m sure they will have no shortage of bidders; once you buy up an embattled company with a notoriety born out of a variety of hair raising controversies all worries and potentially toxic culture evaporates – it’s basic economics,” added one financial services expert.

In the wake of the announcement the Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe has ‘welcomed the decision’ because he’s he and his department can ‘do fuck all else’.

The current board of Davy had hoped to appoint a firm as financial advisor to manage the sale but abandoned the move after discovering all firms operating in the sector has similar if not worse reputations. They have instead opted for a Moore Street trader to facilitate the sale.

“Ah look it you’d lose your shirt on it or worse, but go on I suppose, a fool and his money are easily parted but don’t come crying to me when it all goes tits up. Sure, strike while the iron is after melting the skin off the last fellas. Eejits,” the trader told interested parties.

The public has held a candlelit vigil outside the offices for the massive profits senior figures would have made were the company’s value not affected by the scandal.