Is It A Depressing ‘One Year Into Covid’ Article Or Pictures Of Baby Goats?


IS THIS just another in a long line of already redundant articles trying and failing to grasp the magnitude of the life-altering scale of events from this day 12 months ago, or is it just a gallery of baby goats? Let’s find out:

Not a doomladen reckoning about what we have lost or sacrificed, instead it’s Theodore, whose favourite thing in the world to do is just running about the place, let’s not ruminate on misery – here is Theo doing what we presume is some form of goat parkour:

Not a grim collection of front pages of newspapers from March 2020 nor from any visceral visual terror which hinted at the horrors yet to come because we’ve had our fill of that; it’s just a goat, in baby form – this fella is Kevin:

Depress you all with articles that heighten your already radioactive levels of anxiety with the sort of ‘the day that changed EVERYTHING’ reporting that hints ‘maybe this will last forever?’ Nope, it’s Georgia the goat:

We’re not kiddin’ around, more goats! It’s the little guys from the bleet-boxing goat music royalty New Kids On The Hay Bale. Sure, they’re awful goat puns but consider the alternative is dour reporting designed to scrape out your last remaining resolve to leave you a hallowed out shell inside:

While goats don’t have human jobs that we know of; there’s still so much science doesn’t know but we’re fucked if we’re using that as a way to segue back to Covid. No, we just imagine this little beaut dreams of being an actor. Nora here could star in The Karate Kid, The Goatbook, The Goatbusters and dozens of other hit movies:

Are we gonna subject you to a reminder of the soul eroding drudgery that is your groundhog day existence in which day-in, day-out it’s the same thing over and over again. Nope, we’re going to give you a different kind of deja vu… remember Kevin from a few photos ago? Here he is again, only this time the sassy bastard is sticking out his tongue. Classic Kevin:

Has this goat mastered the art of Zen or did they just close their eyes for second? God, and to think we could have wasted money and resources trying to get quotes from epidemiologists to sour your day with:

This adorable fella is a Pygmy or Dwarf Goat, but you call this mini guy a Moat, we’re not gonna stop you, just like we’re not going to use the 12 month anniversary of this hell-scape to grind your fragile mental health into dust. Fuck that, it’s a Friday after all.