Second Wave Of Government Inaction Hits Nursing Homes


A GALWAY nursing home has been hit by a potentially lethal second wave of government inaction as it made desperate and heartbreaking appeals for help as 26 of its 28 residents contracted Covid-19 along with 17 staff members, creating a devastating crisis of care.

The unfolding crisis in the nursing home is just the latest example of frontline health care responses to Covid-19 being no match for the second wave of government inaction.

“This seems to be a stronger strain that what we had back in March. Symptons include phones going to answering machines, and emails going ignored,” shared one person in the know, “oh and just using words like ‘scaling up’ and ‘extra resourcing’, ‘enhanced response mechanisms’ while not actually doing anything”.

Carers who find themselves neck deep in the quicksand of a Covid cluster, a testing backlog or a collapse of contact tracing have been asked to get more inventive with how they beg for help and attention, given extra viral load of inaction now present in the host government.

“Look it, we get you might think this is an ’emergency of epic proportions’ but as you know the Taoiseach will only react to it if it appears in tomorrow’s Irish Times or is the subject of a phone in on national radio,” a government handler explained.

“If that fails, you’re left with setting off flares or just pretending to be the All Ireland championships, if you’re looking for special treatment,” added the handler.