New Reverse Pregnancy Procedure Allows Mothers To Bring Young Children To Work In Their Womb


A GROUNDBREAKING procedure developed by Irish gynecologists is set to revolutionise childcare across the world, while cutting costs for working parents and creating an everlasting bond with their children, WWN has learned.

Aptly named ‘reverse pregnancy’, doctors expect the procedure to be performed nationwide in a simple outpatient day surgery, taking just 60 minutes.

“It involves using the womb as a sort of carrier bag, so we just have to make a few adjustments up there to make it safe for mother and grown child/children,” pioneer of the surgery, Dr. Henry Mackey explained while confirming he consulted zero women when he formulated the idea, “mothers of children will be able to shove two or even three kids up there and comfortably carry them around all day while staying close to their children”.

The procedure even allows for USB sockets to be installed in the womb for children to plug their iPads into, with a male ‘pouch’ version also on the cards for dads.

“For fathers, we can graft some skin from their back and create a sort of kangaroo pouch to hold their children in,” Dr. Mackey added.

“It’s working out great so far,” working mom Teresa Heinz told WWN, who currently has three children under the age of 7 in her womb while at work, before shouting at her extended abdomen, “Alan stop pulling your sister’s hair!”.

With precious free slots in creches going for €10,000 on the black market, the new procedure could not have come at a better time, however, an age limit of 12 and a maximum of five children is advised to parents.

“Aw, people refusing to give up their seats to me on public transport – it’s just like I remembered,” confirmed one mother boarding a bus, “at least I’m saving a fortune”.