Covid Tracker App: Here’s How To Find Charizard


THE Covid-19 contact tracing app may only have been live for a few days, but already people are discovering fun ways to grind out rewards quicker than simply wandering around hoping to get lucky!

With over one million downloads making it the fastest-downloaded Irish app since the Farmers Journal App, the Covid-19 tracker app is well on its way to becoming the first government initiative that actually works, and here’s how you can make the most out of it:

– Everyone’s favourite fire Pokemon Charizard only shows up when you’re surrounded by 9 or more people with temperatures over 40 degrees, which is harder and harder these days. Heading to your local A&E should sort this out, or alternatively if you don’t mind waiting, you could head to your nearest pub in a fortnight.

– If you get to the end of the day and you still don’t have Coronavirus, simply roll the date of your phone back by a day and the app will give you another 24 hours to get infected!

– It’s 10pm on a Friday night, you’re home alone and the Covid app shows nobody experiencing symptoms within 5km of you… what to do? Well, you can simply go into your app settings and broaden the radius of your circle and some hot high-temperature singles should show right up.

– Did you know that you can upload photos to the app? Head into Profile – My Coronavirus – Images and you can upload pics of you looking your finest. Make sure to include that shot of you in Ibiza in 2016 as your profiler!

– Remember, if you are the first to get Coronavirus three times, you gain full control of the HSE!