Furious McDonald Had Warned Kids Not To Leave House Without Balaclavas


A FURIOUS Mary Lou McDonald has been talked down by her fellow party members from giving her children 24 hours to leave the country, as the Sinn Féin president contends with how to capitalise on her party’s surge while facing 2 weeks in a Coronavirus quarantine.

Sinn Féin had been landing killer blow after killer blow on their political adversaries following this year’s general election triumph, with a recent poll showing a 10-point surge in support to 35% following a number of public rallies.

However, this momentum looks set to be halted by the cancellation of a number of meetings due to the Coronavirus scare, as well as McDonald’s kids being sent home from a school in the middle of an outbreak scare in Glasnevin in Dublin, despite her telling them time and time again to wear their balaclavas at all time.

“Do you know who’s not going to get Coronavirus, do you? The army council!” fumed McDonald, watching Fine Gael’s Simon Harris getting acres of free airtime while she’s stuck at home.

“Honestly, we could have had public rallies every night this week, and racked up support as we head towards a general election. Cleaned up, so we would’ve. And now I have to stay at home with kids who admitted under questioning that they go to the school that’s been shut down. What have I told them? Never tell anyone anything!”.

Fuming at having to wait out the quarantine period, Sinn Féin have vowed to make Italy pay for this after they get into power, as well as cancel any future skiing trips snot-nosed kids might be thinking about attending.