Possible To Care About Direct Provision & Homelessness At Same Time, Finds Study


A GROUNDBREAKING new report is set to blow the world of online commentary wide open after it has revealed that it’s possible to be concerned about the plight of people in Direct Provision centres and homeless people at the same time.

Previous articles about asylum seekers living in desperate conditions in DP centers around the country have on occasion been met with derision from people who felt that being treated like human cattle isn’t that bad, when there are “our own people living on the streets”.

With the revelation that human kindness is not limited to one area of concern, there’s hope among the DP community that people will be able to acknowledge their plight without grumbling about how “there’s plenty worse off”.

“It’s amazing how the human mind doesn’t just block out all other injustices once it reaches a certain point” beamed Dr. Derek Otunga, currently living in a 2-bed room with nine other lads in Gort.

“That gives people the ability to be outraged with the government for allowing the homeless crisis to spiral out of control, but also spare a thought for people like me who fled a war-torn homeland only to be placed in a DP Center for ten years – that’s just incredible. I wonder what excuse they’ll have for not caring about us now?”

The new report is set to revolutionise how people can care about two different things at the same time, leading to people owning both a dog and a cat, and supporting more than one football team.