The Decade’s 5 Coolest Wars


WHILE the 2010s didn’t have the high profile wars of previous decades that we took for granted (sorry Iraq) there was plenty for Western arms manufacturers to get excited about.

WWN War trawled through the decades to determine what were to put it simply, the best wars on offer.

5) The War On The Poor

Although it was only going to end with one winner, it was nevertheless compelling viewing. Austerity easily has one of the biggest body counts of any war this past decade.

4) Obama’s Drone War

Hard to live up to Bush’s Iraq and Afghanistan stints but credit to Obama, always an innovator, he found a new way to kill and maximise the dispassionate distance which made it easier for apologists to defend him while still thinking they were morally superior. A masterclass in dehumanising helpless innocent civilians. A unique and hard feat to achieve. Respect.

3) Ukraine

Putin really broke the mold with his advancement into a sovereign state. Playing a one-sided game of chicken, Western leaders cowered and showed Putin that if he just did whatever he liked he’d eventually get the USSR back up and running, he just needed to be patient. Let’s see if he can complete the task in the 2020s.


A terrible band of bastards it has to be said. While it might be too soon to look back fondly on this war, some companies you’ve never heard of made money off your fear with expensive defence contracts and that’s all that matters.

1) Syria

Really took the biscuit when it came to depressing people with actual hearts while leaving enough room for opportunists to make large scale fortunes. Takes the top spot owing to the fact that the suffering will never end and the presence of refugees has done so much to reignite racism which is music to any opportunist politician’s ears.

Honourable mention: Yemen – we have a feeling war hipster will be saying ‘I hated this war first’ when the famine really takes hold and does untold damage as world leaders watch on with a shrug of the shoulders while pocketing some Saudi arms cash.