Should Ireland Really Be Banning Homophobic Bigots?


SO-CALLED Minister for ‘Justice’ Charlie Flanagan signed an exclusion order today banning homophobic US pastor Steven Anderson from entering Ireland, adding Ireland to the list of 26 other Schengen area EU countries who will not permit the man from touching down on their soil.

Anderson, who was set to give a public lecture at the end of May in Dublin, has called for the extermination of gay people but is Ireland sending the wrong message by banning such people and outright calling such opinions ‘wrong’ without properly hearing him out?

For the purpose of ensuring we generate clicks for our website WWN is happy to yes and present this issue in such a manner that allows for the maximum amount of discord and divisiveness as we suggest people who want to exterminate homosexuals should be heard out, because how do we know something is a bad idea if we ban people from spreading it before it catches.

What next? Will people be opposing racists who have hearts of gold. This is a sinister precedent, and who are these ‘people’ who ‘decide’ what ‘is’ and ‘isn’t’ ‘homophobic’ ‘bigotry’? Judging from the top of the article, it’s the Minister for Justice who decides.

However, upon closer inspection the gay agenda strikes again. And don’t you find it curious we’ve never been given the official minutes to any of the AGM’s of the gay agenda?

Who’s to say that the meeting isn’t full of way over the top talk with gay people outright opposing their own extermination.

Today, it’s homophobic bigots. Tomorrow, it could be even more reprehensible people who have no place in civil society, and does Ireland really want to fall down that slippery slope? A slope presumably made slippy by oiled up homosexual men who go to the gym.

If this banning decision and its implications for free speech doesn’t terrify you, don’t worry we’ll back tomorrow and the next day with other things in the hopes of snaring you eventually.