ATM Bingo: Which Town Is Getting Rammed This Weekend?


DUNDALK or Derry? Bundoran or Belleek? Castlefin or Castlederg? Which Irish town is going to be an ATM short of a full set after the weekend has passed? If you pick the right one, you could win some WWN merch!

With the country in the grip of brum-brum-smash-smash mania, it’s anyone’s guess as to which bank machine is getting yanked out of which town this weekend, so we’re offering you the chance to have a guess in the comments section under this post on Facebook to be in with the chance of winning a copy of Waterford Whispers News 2019, our bestselling book.

Why let the criminals get away with all the spoils of an ATM heist? Make sure you get the chance to win WWN 2019 by commenting your choice of town, and sharing this post to your page. If more than one person picks the same town and it gets raided, we’ll pick a winner at random.

And don’t be afraid to pick a non-border town… criminals all across the country are sure to have picked up on how easy it is to steal a JCB and smash it into a banklink at 4 in the morning at the weekend, so anywhere is a possibility! What are the guards going to do about it?