This Man Quit His Job & Now Makes No Money, Find Out How!


FIND OUT the secret to this man’s lack of success by reading this article in full!

Waterford native Brian Scalley has a secret to share with world and sat down with WWN Business for the exclusive.

Scalley (27) had been working at Creton & Burke IT Solutions these passed 7 months, earning a competitive salary at a company with plenty of career advancement opportunities as well as the option to consistently up skill.

That all changed however and now Scalley spends his days idling on his couch earning absolutely no money. But just what is his secret?

“Pretty simple really, turns out they fire ya if you do fuck all,” Scalley said, imparting his sage wisdom.

“I’m a lazy bollocks truth be told, and if I was pinpoint one reason I’ve been able to quit the job and earn no money. It’s that, the being lazy bit,” he added, after a lengthy and frankly uncomfortable rummage around his crotch area with his hand.

The former IT worker certainly wears the carefree expression of someone who is no longer government by the alarm clock in the morning, and confirmed he has many weeks of earning no money ahead of him.

“The missus is raking it in there in Google or Facebook or wherever, that’s another one of my qualities; not listening to things people say. I’ve no need to go down to the dole office, it’s ages away anyway,” Scalley concluded before launching into a Netflix documentary on how to fully unlock 100% of your brain’s potential.