Older Sister Tells Of Horrifying Past When Hair-Straighteners Weren’t Readily Available In Ireland


GATHERING her younger siblings around the foot of her bed to tell a spooky story, one Waterford woman has decided to give her younger sisters nightmares by harking back to an archaic time when GHDs were a figment of Irish women’s imaginations.

Aine Henatty (33), dimmed the lights in her room and spoke in hushed tones as sisters Clare (22) and Rachel (24) listened on intently, visibly petrified to learn of a dark passage in Irish history.

“And, if it was a particularly warm day, you would just have to accept the frizz monster had taken over your head,” Aine now relayed, a torch propping up her chin and illuminating her face.

Keen to explain many women did not have the sort of curly, luxurious and thick hair which is the envy of everyone these days, victims of the lack of hair-straighteners were huge in numbers.

Now clutching each other and shitting themselves, Clare and Rachel let out a scream as more and more horrifying seeds were sown in Aine’s story.

“But what if you wanted to go out with a boy?” Clare asked, clearly not understanding to monstrous fate of her older sister’s hair during Aine’s teenage years.

“People talked of large hats, which could conceal how unkempt and cat you looked, but I could never find a hat big enough,” Aine said, prompting gasps from her siblings.