Labour Party Still Exists, Finds Shocking Study


A RECENT study produced some very surprising results after researchers were able to conclusively prove that the Labour Party still exists, WWN can reveal.

Political research outlet VoteForTheseGuys confirmed the presence of the Labour Party in the Dáil despite the public not seeing or hearing from them since they were ousted from government and crushed in the 2016 general election.

“Yeah, we were as shocked as anyone. When we discovered them they didn’t say much other than asking us if we were from the media and then begging to be allowed on radio and TV. It was sad really,” confirmed one researcher.

“When we went to leave they just chased us shouting ‘don’t go we have badges, mouse mats and novelty pens with Labour written on them’, God bless them”.

The study which sought to calculate the current state of left-leaning politics in Ireland, had interviewed members of the Social Democrats, Sinn Féin, Solidarity People Before Profit, but had completely discounted the idea that an Irish Labour Party was still existence.

“When we looked into it further, they claimed to have never gone away, insisting they were quite active in Irish political life, but there just wasn’t any evidence of it. We searched and searched to no avail,” added the researcher.

The shocking rediscovery of the Labour Party could transform Irish political life, so far the immediate consequence being that many people have excitedly taken to Twitter to find and verbally abuse all existing party members.