REVEALED: Today’s Grim Revelation About A Beloved Entertainment Icon!


WELL, here it is: today’s revelation as to what beloved celebrity icon that you’ve always looked up to and considered ‘a decent person’ is in actual fact a sleazy, power-crazy sexual deviant who abused their position in order to satisfy their needs at the expense of those underneath them.

Who will it be today? The floodgates are open, the world is changing, and victims of emotional, physical and sexual abuse are finally standing up and saying ‘no more’… you were cool with it when it happened to Harvey Weinstein, who you never really knew about but from what you can see, always seemed like a slimy bastard, but what happens when it’s someone you’ve been a fan of?

Will you be that person who takes to social media to defend your fallen idol, and claim that:

a) they’re the victim of some sort of witch hunt
b) it was ages ago, times were different back then, or
c) the victim is lying, for [insert reasons]?

Or will you accept that although this person was a fine actor or presenter or politician or celebrity, they were, behind it all, a horrible person who ruined the lives, hopes and dreams of others?

So, who is it today? It’s become part and parcel of life- wincing when you see someone trending on Twitter and hoping beyond hope that they’ve died instead of felt up a load of interns throughout their career. Well, without further ado, today’s heart-crushingly disappointing revalations…


Oh shit, we had to pull it because of an injunction… still, it’ll all come out in the next day or two. And you know that if they got an injunction, it’s really, really bad. Tune in tomorrow!