Women Reminded They’re Under No Obligation To Tell Partners About Their Day


A GROUP of men have issued a gentle reminder today that women are under no obligation to tell them every single detail about their day, despite urges to the contrary.

Donning balaclavas and protective clothing, a handful of brave spokesmen released the statement in an unknown location via a live social media video feed, carefully wording the reminder in a bid not to cause any arguments.

“As much as we absolutely love hearing about your day in work and your lengthy conversations with people we do not know, we would like to gently point out that there is an important match/movie/TV program/news segment/thing we’d also like to see and hear while we try to unwind and relax from the day,” one nervous spokesman read out, flinching slightly as a pen fell to the floor.

“It’s not that we don’t appreciate every single detail of your day and how it made you feel, but if we were to do the same thing to you, the entertainment industry would collapse under the weight of no one watching or clicking on it,” added the men, who hailed from the half of the population famous for only ever saying essential and important things that need to be said.

Following the brief statement, hundreds of thousands of irate comments began flooding the video feeds, forcing the group of men and press to flee.

“How fucking dare they say such a thing,” a top comment read, which gained several million angry emojis in a matter of seconds, “typical pig ignorant men stuff again.

“What’s the point being in a relationship when you can’t divulge every single second of your day?” asked another commenter, who then went on to do just that, “I had to leave work today and nip into Penney’s because the heel of my shoe came off and I had to buy flat ones, but they’re so comfortable. They were only 3 euros. Can you believe that?”

UPDATE: Men have since issued an apology, promising they’ll never do that again.