Dad Trotting Out Favourite ‘Look, I Have Daughters Myself’ Argument


A LOCAL WATERFORD father, who in the face of being buried under the weight of a factual argument, formed from hearing expert opinion and researching statistics, was left with no choice but to win the argument he found himself in by deploying his favourite phrase; “look, I have daughters myself”.

Disturbed by just how much a debate surrounding the upcoming referendum was on the verge of changing his mind after he was exposed to information he had intentionally avoided up until now, Fergal Cannity (46), bore the near undetectable traces of a smirk as he realised once he uttered the words “look, I have daughters myself” he could declare himself victorious in the argument.

Cannity’s friendly hello to long-time neighbour Sheila Jeffries unwittingly lead onto a chat about the referendum across their shared fence, with Cannity’s asserting that after giving it thought he would be voting No, if he votes at all.

Jeffries relayed her own experience of having three children and how while she never envisaged needing an abortion, she confessed it would nice if Irish law changed to allow women and couples in the midst of difficult pregnancies access to medical care and options they may or may not end up choosing, as should be their choice.

Under the impression he might not have been heard the first time due to his neighbour’s poor hearing, Cannity rephrased and stated “as father to two daughters myself” in an attempt to explain to his neighbour that sort of stuff just wouldn’t happen on his watch.

The debate tactic has worked flawlessly in the past for Cannity when he deemed it the perfect way to get his point across on matters relating to women, of which he had little desire to read up on and truly engage with.

It is believed ‘I have daughters myself’ can mean a range of things such as ‘I wouldn’t let my daughter develop a fatal foetal abnormality, so there’s no need to vote yes’ or ‘if I vote yes women, like my daughters, would fake being suicidal to get an abortion – you know, normal women things like that, so I’ll have to vote no’.