Nazi Pug Flees To South America


REPORTS are pouring in regarding sightings in South America of Buddha the pug dog, widely regarded as one of the most hated Nazis of all time following the leak of anti-semitic video footage taken of the animal in a range of offensive poses.

Shaky phone footage of a pug dog matching Buddha’s description has been posted online, placing the vicious Nazi scum in Buenos Aires, Argentina, followed by further sightings of the Jew-hating pup in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

While Scottish man Mark Meechan stands falsely accused of being a comedian following his documentation of his girlfriend’s evil Nazi dog, public outrage at the ‘Count Dankula’ character has allowed the real villain of this story to slip away, escaping justice forever.

“While everyone in the UK is debating freedom of speech over a joke, Buddha the Nazi pug has escaped justice,” wrote Derek Smyth, author of ‘Pedigree Nein: The Buddha Story’.

“Outrage and offence and the thin line between hurt feelings and outright hate crimes have dominated the narrative of this story… to the extent that we don’t know who to believe. The person saying that Meechan shouldn’t have posted the video? Or the person who says that he should? It’s impossible to know which is the one true opinion that all humans should share. And while you’ve been arguing, the fucking dog is laughing his Nazi ass off in South America. Nice work, assholes”.

As punishment for dropping the ball on the real villain in this story, anyone who wasted time by focusing on Count Dankula is to be rounded up and sent to a camp where they can learn how to concentrate properly on things that matter.