News Delivers Some Trivial Trump Bullshit For 878th Day Running


FOR the 878th consecutive day, the media has delivered some trivial and unimportant story relating to US President Donald Trump, prioritising informing you of each and every irrelevant detail over several other more worthy stories regarding actual US government policies he has enacted and is presiding over.

Surmising that the majority of the public still has the attention span no greater than that of a bag of Skittles, news outlets have attempted to gain your attention not with reporting that aims to help readers better understand the complex inner workings of government, and formation and overseeing of policies but by confirming it looks like President Trump had consensual sex with an adult film actress.

“Look, what do you want us to do? Follow up on that gun control debate? See what activists and lobbyists have in store for their State’s representatives? Come on, you idiots don’t have the patience to read that shit,” confirmed one journalist before writing the headline ‘Big Boobed Bimbo Boinked Trump’.

“You don’t want to better understand the labyrinthine machinations of politics, and what policies of the president’s, few that they are, that are succeeding or failing, you just want to get angry about tweets,” added the journalist who was anticipating yet another mindlessly ignorant Twitter outburst from Trump which would help create 9 or 10 easy stories.

The 878 day streak of some bullshit about the US president proving of more interest to the media and its readers than anything of true importance his administration is caught up in is set to continue for the foreseeable future.

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