Child Abuse Makes Unwelcome Return To News After Week Off


AFTER a brief sojourn away from the headlines, the abuse of children has made its return to news bulletins and front pages of national newspapers in Ireland, WWN can confirm.

Taking the previous week off to allow the general public to get comfortable and used to the idea that the country they live in might be heading in the right direction when it comes to safeguarding its youngest citizens, child abuse crimes returned yesterday morning arriving as a displeasing push notification from news apps on many people’s phones. The brief break marked the first time Ireland went without a child abuse since August 17th, 1971

Yesterday, 11 people were arrested and subsequently released as part of a probe into child exploitation in Munster, breaking the brief news cycles which were absent of horrific stories of children being failed by either the State and its institutions, the Church or by their guardians.

“This is my least favourite part of the job,” remarked one local media representative who was tasked with placing the ‘days without a horrible story of children being abused’ count back to zero.

Members of the public who expressed their dismay and shock at the disturbing details of the alleged child sexual abuse which is believed to be at the “extreme higher end of the scale” have been instructed to follow the news more regularly in this country.

“Yeah, I’ll be honest, I’m not big on keeping up with the news, but at least with all these instances Ireland always learns from it, and makes sure it never happens again,” shared one member of the public who really, really doesn’t keep up with the news.