“I Always Dreamed Of More For My Clothing Line”- Emotional Ben Sherman Speaks Out


ONCE-legendary fashion designer Benjamin Sherman has broken his silence about what he considers to be ‘the tragic failure of his entire career’ in an emotional exclusive interview with WWN, in which he speaks sadly about seeing the clothes he worked so hard on ending up on culchie revellers all around Ireland, covered in garlic cheese chip vomit and Smithwicks vomit.

Veteran designer Sherman enjoyed huge success in the late eighties and early nineties with his clothing, consisting of fashionable casual wear for upwardly mobile young men around the world.

A regular at Paris fashion week and the Met Gala, Sherman’s fortunes took a turn for the worse after one Irishman brought back a Ben Sherman shirt from holidays in the mid-nineties, sparking a craze that began in the midlands and eventually swept across the entire country.

Today, Ben Sherman shirts are sold exclusively to culchies with no fashion sense who need ‘a nice shirt’ to wear on a night out, and Sherman’s name is mud among his fellow designers, bringing a tear to the eye of the once unstoppable fashion mogul.

“You never see someone wearing a DKNY shirt getting fucked out of Coppers for fingering a girl against a fire escape,” said Sherman, weeping as he scrolled through the social media feeds of young Irish men from rural backgrounds.

“I stopped getting invited to the Met. The invitations to Paris dried up. I’d see other designers out around the town, and they’d all laugh at me. I’d say hey, you, Remis Uomo guy, I don’t know what you’re fucking laughing at. They might wear my shirts when they’re going mad to Maniac 2000, but they wear your shit when they’re going to family funerals”.

Although Sherman was willing to talk to us, the designers of Firetrap clothing were unavailable for comment, having been sentenced to life imprisonment by a jury in The Hague for crimes against humanity.