Was Maniac 2000 A Secret IRA Anthem All This Time? Yes, It Was


FOLLOWING a lengthy discussion with some people we met in the pub on Saturday night, WWN can exclusively confirm that the all-time classic floor filler Maniac 2000 is in actual fact a coded message from the IRA, in a bid to convince young people to sign up and fight for a unified 32-county Ireland free from the shackles of occupation and oppression.

Released just three years after the Good Friday Agreement, Maniac 2000 was released at the turn of the millennium when the Irish Republican Army had been engaged in a ceasefire and decommissioning programme that many believed heralded a cessation of conflict in Ireland that would last forever… but as we continued to drink with our new-found theorists, the intrepid WWN team unlocked secret Republican messages that even DJ Mark McCabe may not have known were there.

Once we cracked that the ‘sexy lady who had to get her thrill’ was in fact a reference to Ireland herself, we quickly found parallels that suited our narrative. ‘She was dressed to kill’ is an obvious call for Ireland to rise up and kill British soldiers, and the ‘mic in the left hand’ is clearly some sort of detonator, leaving the right hand free to ‘bring this groove to you’ (bring the fight to mainland UK with a series of bombings aimed at crippling infrastructure and weakening the British resolve to continue their occupation of the North).

We attempted to contact Mark McCabe about the eerie parallels we had found in his song, but the DJ told us to ‘fuck away off and don’t annoy him’… which was all the proof we needed that we were right.

Whether or not the truth will ever be fully accepted, it’s beyond clear to us that the popularity of the song in the summer months of 2000 are conclusive proof that the young people of Ireland truly recognised the subliminal messaging held within the track, and are fully ready to take arms against foreign invaders. As the song says; “Oggy oggy oggy, I.. R.. A”.