What Red Herring Will You Be Using In Your Referendum Arguments?


HAVE you no intention of conducting yourself and your discourse in relation to the upcoming abortion referendum in a truthful and honest manner? Well, then you may have been considering putting forward ‘arguments’ and ‘facts’ which are neither factual nor directly related to the actual vote on repealing the 8th amendment.

And what better way to conduct a one-person campaign of cherry picked ‘stats’, ‘facts’, ‘claims’ and ‘well, that’s not what I heard’ than by beefing up your selection of red herrings; those helpful tidbits that are intentionally misleading, and as we know there isn’t enough of them currently in this debate.

Red herrings are often put to use by authors of intriguing fiction which seeks to distract the reader from what their true intent is with a thrilling and blood curdling development in a story, and when it’s not being used by people campaigning in the upcoming abortion referendum it’s also a device used by novelists, playwrights and screenwriters, so it should be ideal for any individual seeking to confuse.

If you’re all set on using a red herring, all that’s left to do is choose which one suits you best:

Check out MY science though

In the face of factual, data and research driven information, collected by experts one may combat that by utilising a red herring which allows you to say ‘science is right’ before adding a second bit of information that isn’t scientific in nature at all but just some half-truth or all out lie you want to spread. Brilliant.


If you are foolish enough to engage in conversations online on any platform, just know that regardless of what side of the debate you are on, everyone is, apparently, a fascist.

Ireland is a Catholic country

It certainly is a country full of Catholics, but to say it is a Catholic country is to suggest that we are all ‘of faith’ and we were all complicit in the systemic ills of the Irish Catholic Church which include illegally selling children to American and British couples, illegally forging the signatures of mothers in order to make their children subjects in vaccine trials and allegedly altering records to disguise this fact. Thankfully, the only people who carried out that sort of thing belonged to the same religious institutions now campaigning to retain the 8th Amendment.

But have you heard what they do in Demonicistan?

You can obviously sub in a real country, but what is most important is to take an unconnected piece of information that can be twisted to sound like it is related and relveant to voting on the repealing of an amendment of the constitution Here, give it a try:

“But I heard they’re aborting babies as old as 435 months old in Holland, and they initially only voted on having a new Bank Holiday. Give them an inch and they take a mile”. See it really is that easy.

Next they’ll be euthanising the elderly

What has this got to do with anything, anything such as facts and the actual debate? Nothing, which makes it a brilliant red herring, look, you’re probably already picturing your poor Nana now aren’t you? Well, the 8th Amendment is a one way ticket to Nana murder, at least it is if you want people to believe your red herring enough.

When I speak to people in the streets/ A woman came up to me yesterday and told me

There’s nothing like a red herring which just uses anecdotal stories no one has any way of verifying. For example I talked to someone today who knows of someone who was forced at gunpoint by a feminist to have an abortion. Well, say no more.