Varadkar’s Self-Approval Rating Tops 100%


TAOISEACH Leo Varadkar has become the first leader of the country to exceed an approval rating of 100%, according to new figures released by Leo Varadkar this morning.

The statistics, gleaned from a poll conducted by Leo Varadkar among Leo Varadkars aged 38-40, show that Leo Varadkar is currently the most popular Taoiseach the country has ever known, and quite possibly the greatest Irish person to have ever lived.

Varadkar cited his trendy, youthful persona along with his ‘being down with the kids’-ness as key factors in his popularity, as well as his hard-stance policies on ‘bad shit’ that have lead Leo to award himself 11 out of 10 in all testable categories, for an overall approval rating of 110%.

“Luckily, Leo managed to have the exact correct stance on thorny issues such as the repealing of the 8th amendment, which made everyone from hardline pro-lifers to pro-choice spokespeople come out and say ‘Leo’s the best'” said a statistician who worked with Mr. Varadkar on his findings.

“And while several people in Ireland may have serious concerns about Mr. Varadkar’s take on issues such as the housing crisis, welfare fraud, women’s rights and the like, these findings show that Leo has no problem with any of that kind of thing. He’s doing great, just ask anyone. Well, just ask Leo”.

Varadkar’s approval is set to soar even higher following his upcoming trip to meet Donald Trump for St. Patrick’s Day, during which Leo is confident that he will ‘do everything right’.