Kerry Babies Gardaí Brought In To Question O’Suillivan


FORMER Garda commissioner Noirin O’Sullivan is to face her toughest test at the Disclosures Tribunal next week, as retired members of An Garda Síochána who worked on the Kerry Babies case over thirty years ago are being drafted in to ‘get an answer out of her’.

O’Sullivan has so far been ‘cool under fire’ while answering questions relating to whistleblower Sgt. Maurice McCabe, a matter which so far has brought down high profile ministers and high-level gardaí.

In order to get answers from Ms. O’Sullivan, members of the tribunal reached out to the remaining gardaí ,who managed to get unlawful forced murder confessions out of Kerry woman Joanne Hayes and her entire family in 1984 in relation to the body of a baby that washed up in Cahirciveen. Although most of the gardaí who conducted the rigorous and thorough investigation of Ms. Hayes have since passed away, some are still alive thanks to a daily routine of being promoted within the ranks and given well-paid jobs for the rest of their lives after ‘a job well done’.

“I’m sure the former commissioner knows, there’s guards that will get the answers they want,” said a source close to the tribunal, the 94th so far this year.

“And the lads that worked the Kerry case, if they think you’re lying, you’ll know all about it. And if they think you’re hiding something, you’ll know all about it. And if they think you’re not lying or hiding something but they don’t have any other evidence and just really want to pin something on you, you’ll fucking know about it too”.

“That’s how it used to be with guards, they weren’t afraid of whistleblowers or the public or having to one day stand in front of God and account for their sins. They just went out and got the job done. If that meant lying, if that meant torturing a family to get a confession out of them that wasn’t true, so be it. Of course, if the guards from the Kerry Babies case are unavailable, then we’ll have to draft in some of today’s guards to question Ms. O’Sullivan… I’m sure she’d experience none of the tactics the guards put that 25-year-old woman through all those years ago are still around today, so she has nothing to worry about”.

Ms. O’Sullivan was unavailable for comment, as she was too busy shitting herself.