Arsenal Fans Inconvenienced By 4th Trip To Wembley In 5 Years


UNDERSTANDABLY irritated Arsenal fans have complained of the inconvenience of yet another trip to Wembley for a cup final, the 4th in 5 years, which will see fans forced to watch their team attempt to win a trophy that isn’t the Premier League or Champions League.

Citing things such as traffic and the expectation that they use their vocal chords to cheer on their team, some fans have expressed their dismay of having to go along to Wembley for a trip that other clubs would be bewilderingly happy about.

“This isn’t why I pay crazy money for a season ticket, innit?” explained a fan, who expressly made clear he only bought his season ticket to see Lionel Messi line out for the Gunners in 8 consecutive Champions League finals.

The club’s impressive 2-1 victory over a strong Chelsea side will see them play Manchester City in the final, leaving many fans unhappy.

“It’s just unfair, Arsene should know how big a pain in the arse the tube can be on cup final days, shows a complete lack of respect for the fans. This club, yeah, and the fans, yeah, we’ll be here long after Wenger and his Wembley cup final regime is gone,” another angry fan shared with WWN Sport.

While some fans’ opposition to the recent malaise the club has found itself in is widely acknowledged as a legitimate gripe, other critics of the club’s fans have confirmed they would cut out a vital organ if it meant their club got a day out at Wembley.

“But listen, bruv, blud, yeah, blud, bruv. This is serious, blud. I can’t do another one of these, blud, you feel me?” confirmed a fan weeping sorrowfully at the thought of having to make the journey to one of the world’s most iconic football stadiums and endure a horror 90 minutes which could see his team win yet another trophy against one of the world’s best teams.