Local Weirdo Talking About The ‘Dark Web’ A Lot Lately


A LOCAL MAN, referred to by friends, families, work colleagues and mere acquaintances as a bit of weirdo, has shifted the majority of his conversations in recent weeks to the subject of the Dark Web, WWN can confirm.

The Dark Web, the name given to the secretive corners of the internet where people have been known to purchase anything ranging from knock off clothes and perfume to tonnes of heroin and guns, has been at the tip of local weirdo Eamonn Cangannon’s tongue in recent weeks, sparking no real reaction from those he spoke with.

“Yeah, he’s weird, so granted, he’s going to be talking about weird things,” confirmed coworker Samuel Brannon, who didn’t like to think about what Cangannon might be doing on the Dark Web.

The frequency with which Cangannon talks of the Dark Web, and of how ‘it’s great craic’ has roused the suspicion of one coworker however.

“His hair is all greasy and he has an awful pair of shoes, he smells too, always putting fish in the microwave in work too,” confirmed Shelly Harden, who voiced her concerns directly to a HR manager, forgetting to bring up how odd it is Cangannon said ‘you can get anything on the Dark Web and I mean anything‘.

It is expected an appropriate meeting will be called in the coming days, one Cangannon won’t be present for, at which his coworkers will use the full weight of their powers to get in touch with the social committee and conspire to make his invite to the Christmas party go missing.