Loyal Game Of Thrones Fan Going To Wait Until Better Quality Torrent Is Available


A LEAKED Game Of Thrones episode that is to air next Sunday evening on American cable TV channel HBO will not be downloaded and viewed by loyal fan Jason Tobin, WWN is happy to confirm.

The low quality version, which was leaked online by hackers, has already been downloaded millions of times in the space of just a few days, but now the shows more loyal viewers have come out to slam their peers for not waiting until a higher quality version of the episode is ripped live from TV and uploaded to the internet.

“I can understand not being able to wait until Monday to find out what happened,” explained self confessed superfan, Jason Tobin, “but if you’re claiming to be a true fan of the show, then you should have some respect for the time and effort that has gone into its production, and not settle for anything less than WEBrip 1080p”.

Speaking from his bedroom in his parents’ house, the 44-year-old admitted to being tempted to download the illegal torrent, but only to scoff at its poor quality and timer overlay.

“I read somewhere on a GOT forum that the timer counter overlay is right in your face and the picture is very dark and grainy,” he added, “like, no true fan would sit through that. It’s like putting up with Korean subtitles on an epic film you just downloaded for free. You just don’t do that kind of thing to yourself or the film company.

“There are rules to this kind of thing and people should know better these days,” he concluded.

The grandson-of-four is expected to wait until Monday morning to download the high quality torrent, before then posting to all his social media channels that “it was worth the wait”, in an air of superiority.