“Does Anyone Have A Contact In The Daily Mail?”


FOLLOWING backlash from a recent opinion article in the Sunday Times relating to the gender pay gap in the BBC entitled “Sorry, ladies – equal pay has to be earned”, controversial journalist and author Kevin Myers talks to a reluctant WWN about being sacked from the newspaper and what lies ahead for the self-described holocaust denier.

“Do you lads have anything going? I can tone it down a bit. You’re all Irish lads working here, right?” Myres asked, before introducing himself as he entered WWN offices unannounced, “sorry, I forgot to introduce myself: I’m Kevin Myers. You might know me from such controversies as calling the children of unmarried mothers “bastards”, and of course my favourite claim that aid to Africa only results in increasing its population, and its problems”.

Putting down a pile of what appeared to be CV’s, the 70-year-old shook this reporter’s hand before tearing open an alcohol wipe sachet to clean his contaminated palm.

“Nice operation you’ve got here. Do you guys properly edit the stuff before going out? Cause that’s important. The Sunday Times never did that, and that’s their fault,” he persisted, as I kindly asked him to make an appointment if he wanted to arrange a chat, “ah no, I was just passing through and said I’d call into a few newspapers in the area.

“Not a bad spot, Waterford. Many Jews down here? Loads in Dublin”.

Following several attempts to change the subject, and to get back to work, Mr. Myers continued his one way conversation as I secretly gestured to the receptionist to call security.

“Does anyone here have any contacts in the Daily Mail? Asking for a friend,” he added, spotting Wojtek, our Polish doorman, and now slowly backing out the door, “I’m thinking of starting up a Twitter account, so if anything pops up send me a twit, or whatever it’s called. Love ye’re stuff, guys”.

NOTE: WWN offices will be closed to the public until further notice.